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Leave no stone unturned

Complex systems output massive amounts of data, leaving you to navigate an ocean of noise. Rather than ignoring or filtering out the noise, OptOSS AI makes sense of it. It collects, sorts, and intelligently analyses ALL your streaming data and unravels in real-time important actionable insights. Detect early signs of trouble, and always know the health of your entire IT infrastructure. OptOSS AI thrives on noisy Big Data where other solutions drown.

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Turn your operators into superhumans

Operators can’t deal with Terabytes of Big Data per day. That’s why OptOSS AI autonomously analyses all of your streaming data and groups it into manageable anomaly clusters. The platform then provides a full visual and textual narrative for each anomaly cluster, giving Ops the arsenal they need to react faster, smarter, and more effectively to every sign of trouble without missing a byte.

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Avoid costly errors and disastrous outages

3 in 4 IT errors are picked up by your end users first. OptOSS AI detects potential issues in real-time and allows your teams to work proactively instead of reactively. The “Black Box” of data that previously was only examined for post-outage forensic purposes, can now be used to deal with situations as they unfold in real-time.

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OptOSS AI is a fully functional platform with live deployments available now. Do you want to know more?

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Detect outages before they spin out of control

"OptOSS AI has proven to be useful in a test in the VodafoneZiggo network. There is a huge opportunity to improve on early detection of outages and time to repair."

Wilco Dekker, Manager Technology Strategy, VodafoneZiggo
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Prevent malicious activity and optimise your infrastructure

OptOSS AI was able to uncover and quantify the incurred costs of a well-disguised brute force attack on a leading CDN company's network. OptOSS AI also autonomously identified potentially hazardous misconfigurations in the architecture of critical assets.

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IBM Watson AI Xprize

OptOSS is proud to have been selected as one of the Wild Card entrants for the prestigious Global Xprize competition. Click here for more information.

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Copernicus Security Challenge Winner

The jury selected OPTOSS as the winner of this challenge because it deals with large amounts of observational data under stressful conditions. These conditions increase the risk of failing to detect a threat. In this context OPTOSS may close the current gap that exists for the Copernicus Emergency and Security Services with regard to situational awareness and intelligence in critical situations. We congratulate the winner and wish the project a quick Uptake.

Ivan Konaktchiev, European Commission Policy Officer
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